Human Systems Dynamics Professional (HSDP) Certification

Brookstreet Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario
November 8-12 and December 13-17, 2010

The HSDP Certification Training Program provides insights into the theory and practice of the emerging field of human systems dynamics. Through 10 days of engaging, emergent and experiential learning, you learn the fundamentals, application tools, and practices of integrating HSD into your life and work. You become certified in HSD at a level that will expand your leadership practice and increase your effectiveness. And you join a thriving network of other Associates who have completed the course and are using their learnings to enrich their own practices.

In this course you will:

  • experience self-organizing processes
  • learn how to work with a system when it is not under your control
  • develop skills in asking effective questions to help your clients find answers
  • share your experiences, tools, techniques and insights with other learners
  • create your own cutting-edge methods and techniques
  • demonstrate your emerging personal praxis to support your work in human systems
  • learn from the experiences of others

Benefits of HSDP Certification:

  • Use leading-edge theory and practice to transform leadership, coaching and consulting practices, organization development and change management
  • Achieve high quality results with clients using your HSD tool set
  • Learn new ways to see, think about, and interact with individuals and groups
  • Set yourself apart in your field with innovative services that are of high value to clients
  • Connect with other HSD professionals as a life-long member of the HSD Associate Network

The fee for the course is $5200CDN; receive a 20% discount until July 8th, group discounts also available. The fee includes 10 days of training, course materials, meals during training hours, video vision process and certification. Travel expenses and evening meals are the responsibility of the participant. For more information and to register, go to the HSD Institute website or contact Julia Herzing, Director of Operations.

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