Tools for Transformation

This series highlights some of the most promising frameworks, tools, and ideas that are being prototyped and refined across the ALIA network. As a contribution to the field of social innovation, we invited thought leaders and practitioners to share their practical wisdom with us—what works, what’s helpful, what they have learned, and the questions that are moving them forward.

There is no charge for the webinars. However, your donation towards the cost of organizing them will help us continue to offer them in the future. The donate button is located on the sidebar to the right. 

Glenda Eoyang – Adaptive Action

Glenda Eoyang of Human Systems Dynamics  introduces Adaptive Action as a tool for working with uncertainty and complexity in organizations.
Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.13.53 AM

Caitlin Frost – The Work of Byron Katie

Caitlin Frost introduces Byron Katie’s self-inquiry process designed to surface and release the invisible assumptions that hold us back.

caitlin web

Zaid Hassan – Social Labs

Zaid Hassan of Reos Partners distills essential principles of next-generation Labs, illustrated by both local and global examples.

Zaid Hassan video

Adam Kahane – Transformative Scenario Planning

Adam Kahane of Reos Partners illustrates how Transformative Scenario Planning can influence the trajectory of complex systems, citing examples from civil wars, the global food system, and efforts to curb the drug trade.

adam k

adam k



Art Kleiner — Building Collective Mastery in Organizations

Art Kleiner, editor of strategy + business magazine, shares new research into how exceptional companies build collective mastery.

Peter Senge – Building Collective Capacity for Systemic Change

Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline and The Necessary Revolution, talks about breakthroughs and challenges in his current work, which supports “living examples” of large-scale multi-stakeholder change. 

Slide1 Senge



Bill Sharpe – Three Horizons

Bill Sharpe of the International Futures Forum introduces the Three Horizons as a simple yet robust framework for collectively living our way into an unknown future.

Bill_Intro Slide 1.0 copy

Bob Stilger – Disaster as Springboard for Thriving Resilient Communities

Bob Stilger of New Stories describes his work in the disaster region of Japan, where deep dialogue and new partnerships are leading to collaborative action and renewal.

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