What does change for good really take? What three words say it best for you?

Change is a big word. It’s so big that it contains within it truckloads of risk, uncertainty, and discomfort. It means giving up what was safe, and sometimes even walking away from the people who made us feel safe.

When you begin to break change down into bite-sized pieces, though, it becomes more manageable. If you can take a nibble of one little piece, then maybe that will entice you to search for more. Soon, you’ve gotten through more pieces than you’d expected and change is well on its way.

That’s what we’re attempting to do with Change for Good – break it down into manageable bits that leave us hungry for more. We’ve invited members of the ALIA faculty to give us three simple words, in five minutes or less, that give us just a taste of what change for good really takes.

What are your three words?