Summer Institute 2011

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In business, healthcare, education, and communities around the world, leaders and entrepreneurs are seeking strategies and practices that lead to meaningful, systemic change. The ALIA Summer Institute has become a stopping-place for these pioneers—a place to learn and teach, to share lessons and offer tools that empower and accelerate these efforts.

This is not your usual conference and not your usual leadership training. Imagine the best of both—people and ideas at the vanguard of creative solutions plus a chance to learn models and tools that transform complex challenges. Now put yourself in that picture—all of yourself. The Summer Institute is designed to engage you on every level, so that you can more fully align how you think and see, the tools you apply, and how you engage others to achieve your goals.

“A truly unique leadership development experience… Powerful networking opportunities… You won’t find another event like this.”
The Washington Post, on why ALIA is a “must-consider” leadership event


The 2011 Summer Institute took place in Columbus, Ohio.

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ALIA in a Day: Change for Good—What Does It Really Take?

Inspiration, stories, strategic connections.

This one-day event brings it all together: the best in leadership, strategy, innovation, ways of convening, and ways of seeing that make all the difference.

  • Guest speakers include Peter Block, Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, and Darcy Winslow.
  • Sessions on what’s working in healthcare, community, education, business, the public sector, and social innovation.
  • Arts performances, dialogue, and more.

Come if you can attend the Summer Institute for only one day or if you can arrive early.

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Leadership Intensive

The focus is on you, your leadership, and your concrete challenges.

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Innovation Marketplace

Ideas, tools, and strategies to move your project forward.

  • Skill-building workshops led by Leadership Intensive faculty.
  • Case-study workshops.
  • Guest speakers and story-tellers, including Margaret Wheatley.
  • Social presencing theatre and other arts.
  • Opportunities to convene your own session, or work with your team around the question or issue that is most alive for you.
  • Morning mindfulness sessions.
  • Emergence and surprise.

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