Re-imagine. Re-create. Re-new.

Step back from everyday pressures, see the familiar in fresh ways, and accelerate your ability to lead positive change. Engage with executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and social innovators who are pioneering new directions in business and society. Learn how to shift your organization or network towards new, more dynamic and effective ways of achieving your goals.

The times are calling for the renewal of our economic, organizational, and societal systems. The ALIA Institute, in partnership with Progressio Foundation, invites you to an intensive retreat designed to empower authentic leadership and forge new alliances among inspired leaders and their organizations from across Europe and around the world.

An integrated Authentic Leadership Intensive

  • parallel skill-building tracks led by international faculty (see below)
  • small-group sessions focused on sector or industry issues
  • stories from the front lines of innovation in community, business, healthcare, and education
  • daily sessions on mindfulness and the “way of the warrior”
  • creative process sessions led by artists-in-residence
  • keynote speakers and dialogues
  • opportunities for walking or bicycling in the beautiful Veluwe forest

Why attend

  • Apply new thinking, lenses and strategies.
  • Engage with like-minded leaders and pioneers from diverse contexts.
  • Learn from the experience of innovative enterprises in business and society.
  • Strengthen your self-awareness and resilience.
  • Deepen your leadership through practices such as mindfulness, dialogue, and embodied learning.
  • Connect with a network of inspired leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Schedule Overview

The Leadership Intensive formally opens with dinner and opening activities on Tuesday, 8 March, beginning at 18.00. We conclude on the afternoon of Saturday, 12 March at 15.00.

Barbara Cecil, Dorian Baroni, Yolanda Hegngi and Isabelle Pujol lead a pre-program workshop on the morning of 8th March and Otto Scharmer leads a pre-program dialogue that afternoon.

All events take place at the Mennorode Conference Centre in the Netherlands. Click here for a more detailed schedule of events.

Women Leaders Coming Into Their Own

with Barbara Cecil, Dorian Baroni, Yolanda Hegngi and Isabelle Pujol

8th-9th March. Includes participation in Embracing the Larger Forces of Change with Otto Scharmer (below)

This workshop explores “Four Fundamental Leadership Stances” and participation includes a teleconference in February and follow-up coaching and reflection/integration teleconferences in April and May.  Cost includes Otto Scharmer’s pre-program. See full details and schedule here.

Embracing the Larger Forces of Change

with Otto Scharmer

Tuesday, 8th March, 14.00-17.00

This presentation and dialogue will explore the leader’s role in shifting awareness from a narrow focus to one that includes the interests of all stakeholders. We will hear about concrete examples of this shift and explore how it applies to our own context, as well as across Europe and globally. Otto Scharmer holds a Ph.D. in economics and management from Witten-Herdecke University in Germany. His ground-breaking theory and practice of multi-stakeholder innovation, documented in Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges (2007), is now applied in diverse contexts worldwide. Read more about Theory U in the executive summary “Addressing the Blind Spot of our Time.


Pre-program workshop with Barbara Cecil, Dorian Baroni, Yolanda Hegngi and Isabelle Pujol: €750*
Pre-program dialogue with Otto Scharmer: €200
Leadership Intensive (8-12 March). Regular: €2500*
Individuals, small business, community enterprise, NGOs: €2000*
*Fees include all meals.

To register for the Women Leaders Coming Into Their Own Workshop, please contact

To register for the Leadership Intensive and/or the Otto Scharmer pre-program, go here.

For more information please contact us at

Parallel tracks

Choose one of the following parallel skill-building tracks at the time of registration. Each track is designed to empower authentic leadership and provide opportunities to apply new ways of seeing and solving your practical challenges. Your track will meet for 15 hours over four days.

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Dialogue and track leaders

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